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Project Description
TextFlow is a light and fast text editor built purely using Visual Basic.NET, C# and C++. It allows you smooth and fast writing weather you are writing a letter or creating documents. It recovers you documents if you forget to save them or if a power failure occurs. You can view PDF files and capture screen shots of your desktop. You can play music, chat and surf the internet all in one place. You can solve complicated scientific calculations using the Calculator included in TextFlow, Solve equations and speed up your PC and TextFlow's performance using your GPU (Graphic Processing Unit, basically know as graphic card). You can update as well as check the integrity of TextFlow from the action center.

TextFlow supports all versions of Windows(R) including 64-bit versions of XP, Vista and 7.

You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2/3/3.5 to use it properly.

This version of TextFlow is a technical preview and source will be available in late April 2010.

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